Friday, January 19, 2007

Iva Update

I'm happy to report some good news for in this whole saga. Iva is recovering very well from her surgery. As of last night she was able to brush her teeth and drink some Sprite. The neurologist spoke with my uncle yesterday afternoon and is very please with her post-op progress. He also said that the type of tumor Iva had is usually treated with radiation. She will go through radiation on her brain and spinal column, probably in 5-6 weeks. In his words her type of tumor, when cancerous, usually "just melts" when exposed to the radiation. Right now the focus is to get her strong and healthy for the next steps. I ask that you continue to keep her, our family and the medical staff in your prayers these next weeks.


Carol said...

I am so glad that the prognosis isn't as dire as you had feared. "just melts" sounds fabulous. *still sending healing thoughts*

Sarah H. said...

Sure will! Sorry to hear about Iva. Hope she heals soon.