Monday, January 29, 2007

Getting my mojo back

I've been in a knitting funk for about the past two months. I started on a sweater for Hubba Bubba back around Thanksgiving, and its been about all I can do to keep at those rows and rows of st st. He'll be lucky if he gets it by next Thanksgiving, at the rate I've been going at. I thought I would totally get into my sexy knee-high pattern, but I've realize from the first inch that I will need to alter the pattern to get them to work for my "muscular" calves. So... all of this caused a real knitting slow down. I've not been picking up the needles at all! A week ago I decided to knit some legwarmers for Iva. I've been knitting all my worries and prayers into each stitch, and its really helped me through this hard time. I finished the first legwarmer this weekend, and it really turned out cute. I used some yarn I bought at the fiber festival I went to this fall, and I think this is the project thats got my knitting mojo back! yeah!


Sarah H. said...

What yarn is that? Is it two skeins or self-striping?

Jennifer Coomer said...

i so love them.

i hope my knitting funk didn't rub off on you.

and i hope that your knitting unfunkification will rub off on me.

Katie said...

Really cute!